Letter to Jeff.  A slow road movie and a voyage of reconciliation.  In development, hoping to shoot 2013.  Some funding secured with some more on the way.   Synopsis and treatment complete.  Script 1st draft. 


Its All Shit:  animationand time lapse photography.  A man wrestles with his own pesimism.  Will take over a year to shoot the time lapse work as.

A Local Desperado blog:- 

 A Local Desporado - after burgaling a Stately Home, three thieves plan to make a new life in America.  A Victorian action/road movie follows the trio as they run from the Police on their way from Barnsley to Liverpool.

Shooting April 2012 in locations around Yorkshire.


March 2012

Photo of Rebecca and Charles for picture frame instory taken, looks just right.

Some more changes to schedule; I'm sure there will be more to come.  Permission for graveyard sorted.  Police costumes picked up, they look great.

Last week before shooting now and getting hectic. Another crew meeting to secure some more info on shots and locations.  A few more extras now sorted.  Costume designer on board create creating endless bustles.

Locations for the internal senes looking good and some basic camera shots checked.  Shooting schedule changed sligthly to suit various possibilities.  Some good ideas and advice about the fights.  More extras coming on board.  Have had trouble obtaining permission to shoot in graveyard.  Ben Braithwaite to play the part of the second policeman.  Locating suitable era Police costumes is proving difficult.

Locations sorted for the docks scenes and set dressing underway.  Costumes getting sorted and getting some good guidance.  Police costumes hard to come by. 

Feb 2012

Had a very quick run through a couple of scenes and did some blocking (YouTube clip above).  Really cold in the cellar we were filming in.  More clear ideas of how the shots will work.   Also found some more alleys for the early scenes.  Awaiting a reply from Pickering station for the train sequence.  Also awaiting a reply from a community in Hull and the City Council regarding use of a local graveyard for a fight scene.

 Jan 2012

Had our first read through which went well.  All main characters present and becoming a team.  Everyone got one which will make filming more smooth.  Had a llok at a couple more locations in Barnsley which are Victorian and are suitabley down at heel. 

Jan 2012

Starting to come together.  More locations secured. Cameraman Jeff Hobbs now on board. Andy Yeomans taking the part of William. 

Dec 2011

Presently in pre-production, still a couple of locations to secure. Crew mostly attached.  Read through early 2012.

Cast secured - Lucy Wilkins,Nathan Maguire,Phil Lyon,Dean Love, Natalie Castka

Crew - Camera-David Preistman; Sound-Ryan Johnson; Costume-Amy; Music-Philip Codd.