A Local Desperado wins 'Peoples Choice Award ' at Horizon Film Festival






A Local Desperado

Based on real events in 1856, 3 thieves head for America after breaking into a Stately home.  On the run from the Police, Rebecca, her Husband, Charles, and her brother, William, make for Liverpool and a new life with the little they have with them.



The Allotment 

Andy and his ex-army father have not seen each other for some time. To become closer to his father, and as part of a community program to help Andy back on the straight and narrow, he agrees to his father’s wishes and returns to near his birth place in Ireland. The program involves simple tasks working on an allotment with Ryan, an Irish friend from his father’s past. Andy realises his father and Ryan were on opposing sides of the political divide and questions Ryan’s suitability. He gets more than he bargains for but gains a deeper respect for his father



Lisa's relationship with her abusive, drug dealing partner Kev is going nowhere. Her child has been fostered and the best hope she has of being reunited is to leave Kev and start a new positive life. Encouraged by her friend and would be partner, Ed, and following a difficult self realisation, she makes an effort to move forward. The process and the decisions are tough but her final choices make contact with her daughter a possibility.